Property Development

New Build House - South Midlands

Working in partnership with the clients and their architects to produce garden/landscape design concepts for the development of this rural “brown field” site in the Milton Keynes area.
Emphasis was placed upon the incorporation of trees and hedging to reflect the species found in the local area, bringing the natural landscape into the planned new building project and incorporating existing trees/vegetation already on the site.
Delivering the Landscape Scheme Drawings (including a hand coloured drawing), a detailed Planting Plan for the shrubbery areas and a Planting Schedule for submission to the local planning authorities by the client’s architect, in support of a planning application for the development of the site.
In line with the clients' requirements, and based on the architect’s drawings, these showed the number, types and sizes of the trees and shrubs on the site and their location in relation to the proposed buildings, road, footpaths and drains.

The means of protecting the existing shrubs and trees was specified for the client.
The scheme drawings formed a basis for the landscaping of the site.

Examples shown: a Design Drawing and pictures of the site.

Garden Design