Rural Garden

East Midlands

Following extension work on this detached village property, working with the client to produce a simple and easily executed garden for this long and narrow plot.

The design had to take account of the fact the property is situated on a clay seam, had a number of existing mature trees on (and around) the site and needed to fit within a natural, rural landscape.
The requirements incorporated within the design included a patio area which, although excavated, had never been laid, a pond area to attract wildlife, a greenhouse, water butt, composting area and structural planting to provide seasonal colour in the springtime.
The resulting design was more formal in the vicinity of the property, becoming more fluid and organic moving away from the house.

Further level changes within the garden were minimised and a rural pathway and mown grass areas provided definition within the organic design.
Further activities included working with the client to brief local landscapers.

Examples are shown of the Design Drawings and photographs taken of the garden (including an aerial view).

Garden Design