Garden Design


My work commences with a free consultation (without obligation) to establish your requirements, including your tastes, preferences and style; to view the outdoor space; look at your environment and the materials used locally; and to discuss the budget envisaged.
At this meeting we will discuss your preferred method of working and the approach you would like to take, for instance whether you would like to have very hands-on involvement with the creation of your own garden/outdoor area or whether you would wish to have it managed and created for you on your behalf.
Finally, I will look at any surveys that exist for the site and discuss what further measurements/surveying activities will be required.
From this we can agree a set of actions going forward and start to look at the activities needed to support your design, which may include the following:

  • Client proposal
  • Site survey, including photographs
  • Mood board to visually capture ideas
  • Rough sketches
  • Fully annotated and labeled drawings (hand coloured, if required)
  • Planting plan(s) and planting schedule(s)
  • Sourcing plants and other materials, artifacts and systems
  • Construction drawings and specifications
  • Contractor tendering
  • On-site project management.

These requirements will determine the next set of activities and the timings to create your perfect outdoor space.

Examples shown of a Mood Board produced for a client, together with a sample planting plan and a construction drawing for a wildlife pond.